A parliamentary committee has attacked the legal basis of the government’s new probate fees, saying the lord chancellor could be overstepping her power by introducing fees which bear the...

Posted 06/04/2017

Personal injury lawyers have denied being part of a ‘conspiracy’ to ensure their fees increase through the revised discount rate. To read more about this news article click here.

Posted 10/03/2017

A key figure in the controversy over road traffic accident compensation has publicly doubted whether the government’s personal injury reforms will do anything to combat fraud. To read more...

Posted 08/03/2017

A McKenzie friend whom the Gazette has been investigating since the end of last year has been featured on a BBC current affairs programme on which his former clients spoke of feeling...

Posted 17/02/2017

Four-fifths of people directly employed in personal injury claims face losing their jobs if government reform proposals come into law. To read more about this news article click here.

Posted 24/01/2017

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